Processes / ongoing / research

This is an open part of my website, where I have decided to share a little bit more about my research and processes. 

Recently I was reading the book The ABC of the projectariat, by Kuba Szreder (100% recommend to anyone in the cultural field) and this book clicked some stuff inside my machine of thinking, that eventually made me do this page that you are currently surfing through.

This area is both a log for myself, to keep track that what I am doing is actual research/work and an open letter to anyone who wants to reach out, sometimes I feel alone (not in a bad way because I also love this) in my researches, so why not make them more open? 

welcome to my messy area :)
so satisfying to have this, honestly

freeform gallery of some of my photographic material
these are all analog, I like to use expired films and play around with different developments
(the photos are draggable, have fun)

studio practices and the old good chaotic mess (sometimes my house is my studio and that’s lovely(even though I am lucky enough to have a studio space provided by the university))

diary made in september/october 2022 of some thoughts about moving to the NL (sorry this part is in portuguese)

some screenshots of my gathering of info and several processes that are happening inside my machine of producing knowledge (thank you miro board for existing)

some stuff that I did for a presentation about artistic research

beggining of 2022 I wanted to learn how to do pixel art for some future projects, this is what i did as test and still hasn’t used this learning onto any new projects, well, the day will come.

self portrait